Simple Ways to Help Your Children Develop Leadership Skills

Great leadership skills give kids confidence, control, and the power to pursue their passions. Some people may be naturally-born leaders, but with the right guidance, every child can become an amazing leader! Fostering leadership skills from a young age will lay the foundation for strong social and emotional development as you children progress through the developmental stages.

Start Early

The earlier you start fostering leadership skills in your children, the more naturally these skills will feel as they grow older.

Jump-start the development of important life skills by enrolling your children in educational childcare and preschool classes at Walk as Children of Light.

Whenever possible, help your kids join group activities where they can learn about teamwork and effective communication.

From the beginning, encourage your kids to communicate what they need and speak confidently with others.

Be a Good Role Model

Set a good example for your children by taking on leadership roles and taking action to better yourself in work and life.

If you’re after a career with more leadership potential, consider furthering your education with an online master’s degree in IT.

Volunteer in your community and show your children the importance of caring for those around you.

Treat others with kindness and patience, and your children will mirror these same qualities in their own interactions.

Teach Critical Life Skills

Certain life skills, like money management and self-discipline, will set your kids up to be strong and effective leaders in the future.

The best leaders share some key skills, including communication, flexibility, commitment, and responsibility.

Teaching your kids how to manage their finances is an excellent lesson in accountability!

Build self-discipline in your children by setting rules and enforcing fair consequences.

Most importantly, don’t protect your kids from failure. Help your children learn to handle setbacks and persevere through hardship.

Go Against the Grain

By nature, leaders take the path less traveled and find unique solutions to common problems. Help your kids learn to go against the grain!

Be sure to give your child plenty of room to explore the world around them on their own.

Encourage your children to talk about their passions and set goals for the future.

Enable your children to embrace boredom and fill their time with creative activities.

When talking with your kids, ask open-ended questions that get them to think critically.

Good leadership skills will benefit your children in several ways, setting the stage for an incredibly successful future. Your kids will learn how to take initiative, work with others, persevere through failure, and take responsibility for their actions. Start instilling these great values as early as possible!

Article written by: Jenna Sherman (

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